Oakridge Montessori Schools

Grades 1-8: Information & Guidelines

Our Elementary School has been in operation since Sept. 1995. We have been located at the Farm Site on Orchard Ave. in Yakima since July 1st of 2003. Acquiring the 50 acre site in West Valley has allowed to meet the needs of the young adolescent during their second sensorial period. Our farm site for the elementary student opened a year after the first Montessori farm opened in Hershey. So with the wonderful Montessori strand being able to continue, we add to it the integral component of space and outdoor work-which can't be met inside the four walls of the typical classroom.

Our school is approved through the Department of Education-Private School Division in Olympia, WA. Our teachers are Washington State certified and have their Montessori Degrees.

We offer as supplements to our traditional Montessori program, singing, drama, Spanish, and P.E.. Some of our extra curricular activities are golf, skiing, tennis and swimming.

Give our school a call to set up a tour or to gain more information.